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Every arborist or tree service professional may find a situation in the field that requires the advanced knowledge and expertise of a Qualified Biologist.  Becoming a Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM will help you determine which scenarios are within your means and which will need the assistance of a professional biologist.  The following biologists have completed WTI training.  WTI has reviewed the credentials of each biologist listed below and determined they are qualified to perform nesting bird surveys and monitoring.

Please contact any of the below Qualified Biologists to assist you in your field work as necessary and help protect our most vulnerable species while complying with state and federal laws.




Qualified Biologist





 CA  Danville  Ryan M. Formosa  Sequoia Ecological Consulting  925-855-5524  rformosa@sequoiaeco.com  www.sequoiaeco.com
 Oak Park
 Daniel S. Cooper
 Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc.
 CA  Sacramento  Jeff A. Alvarez  The Wildlife Project  209-815-5660  jeff@thewildlifeproject.com  www.thewildlifeproject.com
 CA  Ventura  David N. Lee  Davey Resource Group  805-946-1700  david.lee@davey.com  www.dnlenv.com
 TX  Austin  Patrick N. Garnett
 Freese and Nichols, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: Wildlife Training Institute is not in any way responsible for any Qualified Biologist's actions which may result in harm or damage as a result of utilizing a service provider from this list.
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