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News and Announcements

WTI will be speaking at this year's Western Tree Management Symposium on July 24th in Pomona, CA, presented by Street Tree Seminar, Inc.  Those attending this workshop will be eligible to receive the complete coursework, the Wildlife Protector Certification, and 1 additional CEU for over 40% off!


WTI's Wildlife Protector training and certification program is now worth 2 CEUs for arborists!

Additionally, returning students who are  renewing their credential can do so at a reduced price! Click here to read more.


Megan Morris, the Program Director and CEO of the Wildlife Training Institute, was interviewed by Professor Bruce Allison, an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist.  The interview was featured in the December 2013 issue of Arborist News.


WTI has a new Graduate Package available for our students who are interested in showcasing their skills in wildlife protection with a parchment diploma, sample brochures, and hard hat stickers!


WTI is happy to announce that we are adopting the sale price of $45 as the normal price for our coursework and certification going forward!


Click here to read a DeepRoot blog post that sites The Wildlife Training Institute and the importance of wildlife protection during tree care activities. 


A Wildlife Training Institute article was published in Western Arborist magazine.

The article summarized federal and state laws protecting nesting birds and listed ways arborists can help protect wildlife while they work.

Click here to view the article

About our Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM Program

Please visit our Frequenty Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page for details.

WTI’s Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM Program trains arborists and tree service industry professionals how to protect nesting birds and other wildlife while complying with state and federal laws.  This information is critical to help arborists avoid a Notice of Violation (NOV).  An NOV is issued by agencies like the US Fish and Wildlife Service, but can be called in by any concerned citizen.  NOVs are associated with high monetary penalties and negative publicity.  It is in the best interest of all arborists and those in the tree service industry to comply with state and federal laws.  Become a Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM and take the
 first steps toward protecting our most vulnerable species while protecting you and your business from costly mistakes.

The program is available on this website as a nationwide, online-based training and certification program in all states. It is also available through live presentations - please contact us for details.

At the core of the training is practical advice for arborists and tree service industry professionals on how to protect wildlife while maintaining work efficiency. The program also focuses on pre-work procedures that can prevent wildlife encounters. Being Wildlife ProtectorSM Certified will help you communicate a positive, Green image to the public and clients.

Many biologists and other experts from a wide range of organizations have reviewed the program and provided critical feedback during its development. Among the reviewers were representatives with Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Training Format

Certification training is available for all arborists and tree services via live presentations and online learning modules. Live trainings are approximately half a day in length.

Online training is offered here in a multi-media format with text and visual components.  


Earn 2 ISA CEU's

Our training and certification program includes all training materials and costs associated with providing the training and administering the exam. Annual membership to Wildlife Training Institute is also included in the fee. Upon passing the exam we will email you a high resolution award certificate and logo to print and use on business cards, etc. Your contact information will be included on our website list of Certified Wildlife Protectors, so clients looking for an arborist or tree service that stands above the rest can find you. Certifications are valid for one year.

Patches, t-shirts, and truck decals will soon be available for sale. Please contact us for details.


The course work for the Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM Program was developed by David Lee, a wildlife biologist with a background in environmental inspection and training. Over the past 10 years David has provided environmental training to hundreds of utility construction and repair workers on powerline, pipeline and fiber optic projects across the U.S.


Through this experience, he noticed the need to increase awareness of wildlife protection, particularly with arborists and those in the tree service industry. With the help of arborists, David founded Wildlife Training Institute (WTI) in 2009 and introduced the Certified Wildlife ProtectorSM Program.

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